2016 Utah PTA Advocacy Conference Bylaws and Resolutions

Resolutions:  Adopted at the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference or Utah PTA Leadership Conference and reflect the opinion of the majority of those voting at the convention or conference.  


Bylaws Change for Utah PTA Bylaws

2016 Utah PTA Proposed Bylaws Amendments

AMENDMENT 1. Article X. Section 1 - Officers, Directors, Commissioners, and Representatives          

RATIONALE: This amendment would re-name the programs vice president to advocacy vice president. This Amendment would eliminate the overlap of responsibility of two executive positions on the Utah PTA State Board of Directors, streamline effective working with the commissioners and avoid confusion for commissioners of their direct communication to the executive committee. It permits the combining of the positions of programs vice president and director of advocacy to the new name of advocacy vice president.

Section 1. Amend by striking the words “a programs” and inserting the word “an advocacy” in its place.

Proposed Amendment: Section 1. The officers of the Utah PTA shall be a president, a president-elect, a programs an advocacy vice president, a regions vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Proviso: If this Amendment passes changes would be made in the Utah PTA Bylaws to reflect the approved change of programs vice president to advocacy vice president and remove reference to Director of Advocacy in the bylaws.


Resolutions are the means by which the Utah PTA is given direction for action.
Below is the resolution to be voted on by the membership attending the November 7, 2016 Utah PTA Vital Issues/Advocacy Conference.