Utah PTA Advocacy

Advocacy... What comes to mind when you hear the word advocacy?
Did you know that PTA is the largest and oldest advocacy group for children?

YOU have a passion and a voice! This passion gives you the power and courage to speak up on behalf of your child, family and school.

Q. Where do I start?
A. Where you see a need. Be it a safe walking route, bullying, any issue you see that needs to be addressed.

Q. How do I know what issues my school may need to address?
A. Your PTA should do a needs assessment at the beginning of the year. This needs assessment will give you direction and purpose.

Q. What if a need arises later in the year?
A. Advocacy knows no time. You jump in and get it done. That's what WE do in PTA

Q. How do I get it done?
A. Like minds and many hands make light work. Chances are if you see a need so do others. Bring them together and decide on a plan of action.

A. What should a plan of action look like?
Q. A plan of action identifies the issue, what needs to be changed, how it might be changed and who can make those changes happen.

Q. How do we know who can make the changes happen?
A. You always start at the closes person to the issue. For example:
     Classroom    PTA President/Teacher
     School          PTA President/Principal/School Community Council
     District          PTA President/PTA Council President/PTA Region                                    Director/Superintendent/School Board Member
     Community  Mayor/City Council/Legislator

Alway be prepared with the facts and ideas for what might help.

If you need to move up the chain, gather support along the way.

Think team. Parents, educators and others in the community all want what is best for our children.

Your PTA President, Council President, Region Director and Utah PTA are there to support and help you anyway we can. We do not stand alone when advocating for our children.

Social media is a great way to share ideas and get feed back from others who may be experiencing similar things. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter as well as utahpta.org.

Have a fabulous year and hope to see you at our Advocacy Conference October 22, 2014 at the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Road Campus. On-line Registration coming soon.

Thank you for sharing your passion and time on behalf of our children.

Debi Tabor
Utah PTA Director of Advocacy