Letter of Intent to Run for Office from the Floor

As prescribed in Article XVI of the Utah PTA Bylaws, a letter of intent has been submitted to be a candidate running from the floor for the office of Advocacy Vice President.

The two candidates for the position of Advocacy Vice President will be:

  • Slated: Kara Sherman
  • Self Nominated: Cheryl Phipps

Both Candidates will be given two (2) minutes to address the body of the convention on Thursday, June 8, 2017. The time for the two addresses to the body will be after the Nomination Committee Report has been given and the nomination has been given to the body by the Secretary of the Utah PTA, Corey Fairholm.

In accordance with Article XVII, the Committee on Election will have charge and supervision of the election. Their duties include:

  • Preparation of the ballots which shall show the name of the nominees for the position of Advocacy Vice President
  • Be responsible to ensure voting credentials of each member voting
  • Have one member of the committee on duty at the polls during the voting period
  • Tabulate votes and make a complete report to the annual convention of the votes cast.

Members of the Election Committee elected at the January Board Meeting include:

  • Jennie Peterson<--break->Darcy Porter<--break-><--break->
  • Marci LeMonnier
  • Monica Strong
  • Kimberly Swenson
  • Darcy Porter<--break-><--break->
Display Dates: 
Thursday, 25 May 2017 to Saturday, 24 June 2017