PTA Awards

Individual PTAs are encouraged to recognize teachers and PTA volunteers each year. Nominations are collected on an individual school basis and awards given at the local, council, region, and state levels.

PTA Awards

Utah PTA gives the following awards every year to recognize excellence in education and in PTAs:

  • Utah PTA - Outstanding Educator
  • Utah PTA - Outstanding Volunteer
  • Utah PTA - Outstanding School Administrator
  • Utah PTA - Outstanding Support Staff
  • Utah PTA - Spirit of PTA Award
  • Utah PTA - Spirit of Inclusivity Award
  • Utah PTA - Advocacy Award
  • Utah PTA - Development Award
  • Utah PTA - Involvement Award

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Forms with award requirements attached below.

Who Needs To Be Recognized At Your School?


The Utah PTA Awards Program is designed to offer greater opportunities for recognizing those who devote their time and energy on behalf of children. 

Recognition is a key factor in any successful business/organization as well as a key factor in retaining quality volunteers. Awards and recognition are a necessary priority in PTA at all levels. You will find that awards and recognition will provide your PTA with many great benefits.

The concept behind the Awards Program is that our thanks be heartfelt and genuine, and not necessarily extravagant.

You may want to have an Awards Appointee on your PTA board. Duties and Time Line attached below.

Award Deadlines:

  • Local: Decided on individual basis
  • Council:  January 15
  • Region:  February 1
  • State:  March 1

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National PTA Family-School Partnerships - Hearst Award

Outstanding Family-School Partnership Award - For exemplary implementation of the National Standards, one PTA will receive a monetary award of $2,000.

Family-School Partnership Award of Excellence - For representing the best in one of the six National Standards, six PTAs will each receive a monetary award of $500.

Family-School Partnership Award of Merit - For demonstrating commitment to building partnerships, all PTAs that apply will receive a certificate of recognition.

For information on any of these awars, please visit:

National PTA Life Achievement Awards

Give the award of a lifetime. Give the National PTA Life Achievement Award— the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization—to the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. 

For information on this award, please visit the National PTA website