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Teen Driving Safety


Like going to prom, learning to drive is one of life's milestones. Parents can serve an important role by encouraging teen driver safety to and from prom-and throughout the year.

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Teen Impact

At Teen Impact we believe that we can change the Future. We know that Teens are our future, and plan on doing something about it. Through hard work, innovative ideas, and educating Teens on the impact their daily decisions make on their future, we believe that we will accomplish this. There are no bad kids, just kids that make poor decisions. By helping Teens to see what they can become and showing them how to achieve it, Teens will not only reach, but surpass their potential. Join us, in helping to change the world one Teen at a time.

Our Future Begins Now!

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Green Ribbon Month

What is Green Ribbon Month?

The Green Ribbon Month Campaign is a program that focuses on children's pedestrian safety. In the 1990's 75 Utah children were killed in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes. Governor Michael Leavitt signed a proclamation designating September as Green Ribbon Month in the State of Utah. The Davis County SAFE KIDS Coalition developed and promoted this program in 1998 and the program is now being implemented in various counties statewide.

Our goals include:

  • educating children on proper pedestrian practices;
  • increasing public awareness of the laws and guidelines currently in place to protect pedestrians;
  • increasing the standards set within the State which determine the mandatory need for crosswalks, safety lights, signage, and crossing guards;
  • decreasing and eventually eliminating the number of children injured and killed due to pedestrian related incidents.

Who should be involved?

Everyone! The whole community should be involved. Involve members of your PTA, local health department, local SAFE KIDS Chapter or Coalition, local government (city council members, mayor, chief of police, school resource officer, etc.) in your Green Ribbon Week's events. Involve school faculty by having them supplement their curriculum with educational materials about pedestrian safety. Get your parents and grandparents involved by having them take the Green Ribbon Pledge to slow down in school zones and residential neighborhoods, increase their awareness of these areas, and encourage their participation in advocating safer crossings and streets for children. Get your local media involved in the events; invite them to come along on a walk to school and focus their attention on your problem areas and propose solutions. Involve local business by having them sponsor your Green Ribbon Week with fun prizes for poster contests, bike helmet give-a-ways, safety assemblies and participation in taking the Green Ribbon Pledge.

Cooperative efforts within your community can go a long way towards making our streets safer for our children. For more information on starting your own Green Ribbon Month activities in your area, please contact Theron Jeppson by phone at 801-538-6156, or e-mail at

How to Buy Green Ribbons

  • Call Transit Instruments at 801-262-0066 to place your order.
  • Pick them up at 612 West Confluence Ave (4260 South) in Murray, Utah.
  • Mention the PTA for a discount!

Safety Strips

To order saftey strips to add to your children's clothing contact:

3M Traffic Safety Systems Division
Justin O'Connor
Safety Specialist
Phone: (801) 619-8073

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