CI-Newsletter Article

We hope everyone will visit website,  We have partnered with sports teams across Utah for PTA members to receive discounts on those events.  When visiting the website, click on “Come Play With PTA” to see the flyers you can print off and put up in your school with the discount nights and contact information.  If your school wants to do your own sporting event, these teams would love to work with you.

We have made a “Come Play With PTA” video with Nadine Wimmer and Jimmer Fredette for your use at your school.  It is on YouTube under Jimmer PTA.  We hope that this video, along with the Three For Me Program (each volunteer giving at least 3 hours per school year), will help you get volunteers into the school.

As you partner with businesses near you, look on the PTA website under Community Involvement where there are sample letters to ask for donations and a Thank you letter.

The work volunteers do in our schools is very important.  The moral and social climate of our schools revolves around caring relationships.  The addition of volunteers to our schools increases the number of caring relationships in the schools and thus our schools are strengthened.

Volunteers come from many walks and facets of life: parents and community members, senior adults, business and industry representatives, college students and high school students.  Two things all volunteers have in common are time and talents to share and love.

We want to keep track of all volunteer hours from Board meeting, classroom volunteers, school events, travel, training sessions, and home assignments (which includes babysitting for someone else who is volunteering for PTA).  Total volunteer hours from the last school year that were submitted from Utah PTA volunteers were 1,121,000 hours!  

With the Utah volunteer rate at $22.65, in 2015 we gave to Uah schools the equivalent of $25,390,650.00!!