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Press Release: HCR 19 High Expectations


February 19, 2019 Utah PTA Director of Communications
Utah PTA, National PTA, Resolution could become law in Utah
Utah PTA specialist works with legislators to support students with special needs


When Karen Conder joined the PTA, it was because she wanted to make a difference. Little did she know that six years after she was appointed as Utah PTA’s Special Needs Specialist she would see her contributions reach the floor of the Utah Senate on Feb. 14, 2019, where Sen. Kathleen Riebe, D-Cottonwood Heights, introduced HCR 14, a Concurrent Resolution Encouraging High Expectations for Students with Disabilities.


The resolution, which was already approved by Utah’s House of Representatives, encourages all stakeholders in the educational system to maintain high expectations for all students, including those with disabilities; consider their strengths and weaknesses when making educational decisions and provide assistance to help students with disabilities to reach their full potential.

“Students with disabilities need rich and robust experiences,” Riebe said. “We are doing a disservice to our community if we don’t recognize that these students can learn and achieve like everyone else.”

Conder’s work on the resolution began in 2013 when she chaired a committee for Utah PTA that focused on supporting students with special needs. As a veteran fourth-grade teacher and a mother of a son who has autism, Conder was motivated by one galvanizing desire: that her son, and others like him, could have a chance — no matter how difficult it was to achieve. In 2017, Utah PTA adopted the High Expectations for Students with Disabilities resolution, which was then adopted by the membership of the National PTA in 2018. Conder also approached Rep. Robert Spendlove, R-Sandy, to see if he would support a resolution in the Utah Legislature that would affirm high expectations for students with special needs.

“This resolution is an important step in encouraging educators to give students with disabilities the tools to succeed,” Spendlove said. “Working together, we can all help improve the lives of all students and help them reach their full potential.”

Utah PTA is proud to work with Utah’s legislators in supporting students, families and teachers throughout our state. Together, we can make a difference — but even just one voice can be powerful.




About Utah PTA: Utah PTA is a non-profit grassroots child advocacy association made up of parents, teachers, and students with a membership of 90,000 people throughout Utah. Utah PTA is an affiliate of National PTA and is organized in Utah at local, council, and state levels.

Press Release: Elementary & Secondary School General Core

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2017


Public Hearing on R277-700




Utah PTA works under the direction of resolutions passed by its membership during the general meetings of our annual conferences.  EDU 2006-1 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS states:

Utah PTA encourages rigor in student academic pursuits, but also values each student’s diverse needs and post high school plans by encouraging statewide practices and requirements that achieve balance and flexibility in student curriculum; and

Utah PTA supports school rigor in a wide variety of subjects and opposes efforts that too narrowly define academic rigor solely as language arts, math, and science;

IND 2014-1 ARTS EDUCATION states:

Utah PTA supports Fine Arts as an essential part of each child's educational experience. Utah PTA research shows that the Arts encourage self-directed learning and promote complexity in the learning experience. It also raises the self-esteem of a child.

Americans for the Arts states: Arts institutions add value to our communities. Regardless of whether people engage with the arts or not, 87 percent believe they are important to quality of life, and 82 percent believe they are important to local businesses and the economy.


The proportion of overweight children has increased over 50 percent during the past 10 years, 17 percent of children ages 2 to 19 are overweight, and the number of at-risk children in Utah is continually on the rise; and Physical education helps improve a child's mental alertness, academic performance, and readiness to learn in addition to physical health benefits.

Using data from the CDC National Youth Risk Behavior Survey of secondary students found that being physically active four or more days per week resulted in a 23 percent reduction in suicidal ideation and attempts in bullied students.

Utah PTA is mindful of the discussion that will occur today regarding the middle school course offerings.  As currently amended the new requirements will allow for more flexibility in choosing electives for middle school students, however we fear that in removing the specific requirements of PE, Health and the Arts we may in fact be limiting future opportunities for our students.  

We are concerned that there are children whose only exposure to these important subjects will be through school classes. There are also students who may not receive the necessary guidance to help them into these classes that could be valuable.

Requiring a general and varied education at the middle school level allows students to be exposed to experiences that may refine their choices in the future. We ask that you reconsider this rule and simply allow flexibility for students who are already fulfilling requirements for these important subjects outside of the school day. 


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Social Media and Public Relations


Social Media is quickly becoming one of the primary sources of information sharing.  Corporations, small businesses, government entities, charities and all community organizations recognize and use social media in ever increasing ways. Use of social media to get messages out is immediate and far reaching and allows for input and interaction of your audiences.  The benefits are significant.  As you decide to use social media there are a few things to consider.

FACEBOOK:  Like us on Facebook!  Encourage your parents to like Utah PTA on Facebook and then link your Facebook  page to the Utah PTA Facebook page and the National Facebook page so that you are getting all the information that they are putting on their pages to your membership.  This will make sure that all resources are available to every single PTA member. Also,  join us at Utah PTA Excellent Elementary and Utah PTA Super Secondary Facebook pages.  You get to share ideas with many others!!

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PINTEREST: The fastest growing Social Media site in Utah. Since so many moms and yes even dads are using Pinterest, we saw the need for us to be there also. Todays PTA is where it is at!!! This is a great way to share ideas for PTA parents, volunteers, and teachers. Join us on Pinterest today. If you are new to Pinterest, it is easy to get started. Just go to the Pinterest site and sign up to be a member and then follow Utah PTA. If you click on “about” which is on the Pinterest header and then the help button, it will give you a tutorial of how to use Pinterest and then you are on your way!! We welcome your ideas for us to use on Pinterest. We hope that you are all following Utah PTA on Facebook and Twitter. It is a great way for parents and teachers to get new and up to date information about childrens’ issues and educational issues. Every PTA member can be IN THE KNOW in Todays PTA! Follow Utah PTA on Pinterest

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PR Is Exploding Into the Future

PUBLIC RELATIONS is Exploding into the Future

Every PTA unit on every level needs a Public Relations Vice president who works intimately with the President and the executive board.  As technology and communications have changed, it is crucial that we use all the available sources at our fingertips to reach out and touch every family that we can with the PTA mission.  Our mission is a strong foundation on which we can help and sustain families and strengthen the future of Education for every child. Public Relations should:

1.       Let parents know how vital PTA is at their school in giving them a voice and a roll in the education of their child

2.       Create a spirit of Parent Involvement at your school

3.       Showcase your school

4.       Get parents excited and involved in school events

5.       Reach out to the community and better involve the community at your school

6.       Invite the media to promote your school

7.       Use all social media sources to communicate

8.       Be a link with your school as an information highway into the home.

9.       Create an atmosphere where every parent feels welcome and a part of the school community

PTA Information Brochures

PTA is Utah’s voice for children. Since 1925, Utah PTA has put volunteer strength behind programs and projects aimed at creating a better life for every child. The brochure's below are for local PTAs to copy and distribute. They are a great way to inform their members and potential members of a number of the benefits of being a member of PTA.

Student Scholarship Application

PTA is the largest for child advocacy voice in the state of Utah. PTA works directly for children and advocates for them with local, state, and national governments.

In helping every child achieve their goal for higher education, it is the pleasure of Utah PTA to be able to offer four $1,000 scholarships. 

Utah PTA offers these scholarships to support students focused on a career goal.  Utah PTA supports education and believes strongly in post high school education.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply for this opportunity from Utah PTA.