Individual Development Commissioner

The mission of the Utah PTA Individual Development Commission is:

  1. To assist parents, teachers and PTA leaders in building future leaders, through art and music education, character development and programs that build self-esteem for all children.
  2. To take positive action to further the purpose of PTA in promoting the welfare of children and youth at home and at school.
  3.  To promote programs which benefit and strengthen arts and cultural education through parental involvement.

Nomination for Utah PTA Individual Development Commissioner

Individual Development Commissioner Nomination to the Utah PTA Board of Directors

The Utah PTA Board of Directors position for Utah PTA Individual Development Commissioner is open for nominations.  It is a 2 year position beginning July 1, 2019 and the term will end June 30, 2021.

Qualifications necessary to put an individuals name forward for nomination to the office of Utah PTA Individual Development Commissioner include:

 1.  Must be a member of a Local PTA

 2.  It is recommended but not required that the individual have served one (1) term as President of a Local and one (1) term as member of the board or the Legislative Advocacy Commitee.

To put forward a name for nomination please use the attached nomination form titled: “Utah PTA Form for Recommending Nominees for Utah PTA Officers, Directors, Commissioners, and Representatives”

Mail form to: Utah PTA State Office, 5192 Greenpine Drive, SLC, Utah 84123 (include "Nomination" on the envelope) or

Email the Nomination to, Utah PTA nominating committee chair.

Attached below is the Job description for the Utah PTA Individual Development Commissioner for your information.

Utah Arts Education Fund Grant

Utah PTA announces that funds have been received to give grants up to $500 for art programs in Utah schools sponsored by individual PTA units. These funds will match funds that local school PTAs provide for enhancing art programs for elementary and secondary students.  


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The Individual Development Commissioner heads up the Reflections program. For information on Reflections, please visit the Reflections page.

The 2017-2018 Reflections Theme is "Within Reach

Please contact your Council President and/or Region Director for information on their due dates.

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