Information for the Arts Education Grant


2016-2017 Utah Arts Grant Awardees

Up To $500 Matching Awards:

Moroni Elementary, Region 13

Sterling Elementary, Region 7

Lakeview Elementary, Region 1

Sunset  Elementary, Region 20

Tolman Elementary, Region 3

River Heights Elementary, Region 31

Wasatch Elementary, Region 4

Upland Terrace Elementary, Region 5

Wilson Elementary, Region 21





Utah PTA announces that funds have been received to give grants up to $500 for art programs in Utah schools sponsored by individual PTA units. These funds will match funds that local school PTAs provide for enhancing art programs for elementary and secondary students.  

A grant may be requested for the improvement of an existing art program or for the creation of a new art program.  It may also be used for supplies, musical scores, theater rights, costuming, theatrical props, etc. It may not be used to purchase supplies and instructional materials for Meet the Masters, and similiar programs or to purchase musical instruments, or other supplies and equipements for field trips and admission tickets.

Following 3 years funding (successive years not required) schools will no longer be eligiable for Utah PTA Arts Grants, instead we will direct you to the arts grants program administered by Utah Division of Arts and Museums.

The applications for these funds is found in the link below.  Applications must be postmarked by February 1, 2018.

Applications will be reviewed and awards announced at our Annual Utah PTA Leadership Convention  with 2/3 of the monies being distributed the following July 1. The final third is due upon completion of the project and the reporting process.  Final report is dune June 1st the following year.  PTA needs to have an importatnt role in the Arts Grant, make sure to describe how the PTA's will be involed.  Please make sure that you answer all the questions on the grant form (questions 20-27) and you need to include a budget summary as well as a letter of support from the school principal.

We welcome contributions to our fund, which is available to all schools in Utah.   

For further information, contact:      
Utah PTA 
ATTN: Arts Grants
5192 Greenpine Drive 
Salt Lake City, UT 84123