Ongoing Plan for a Child's Success

A Family Education Plan is the ‘learning at home' connection, making the Plan for College and Career Readiness achievable.

A Family Education Plan or FEP is a framework designed to support parents in their roles as their child's first teacher and educational advocate. As parents and children become involved in creating and carrying out their own plans, they learn how to organize a learning environment in their home.

Targets include:

* Daily family routines are established and out-of-school activities are monitored.
* The family has fun learning together.
* Family activities support what is being taught in the classroom.
* Children do their home work and even turn it in!
* Parents encourage their children to work hard in school. They regularly discuss education, careers, life skills and interests.
Parents send their children to school ready to learn every day.
* They expect only the best from their child and for their child.
Parents communicate regularly with their child's teacher.
* Families are in touch with what is happening at their school.
* They understand what family-school partnerships are all about and they feel confident in working with teachers and the school staff.
* They are ready to be an educational advocate for their child.

An Individual Education Plan or IEP is for children who have been identified with special needs and have been placed in a Special Education Program. This plan is put together with input from a team including the teacher, the parents, and others who are giving the child special care and/or services. The goal is to come up with a plan that identifies strategies that will help the child reach his or her full potential during the school year.

Every child deserves an individual education plan and the FEP helps families to create one tailored to the needs of every child. Start today to identfy the strengths, the needs, and the education strategies that will help your child reach his or her full academic and personal potential.