Open Position - 2018-2019 Trust Lands Board Specialist

The position of Utah PTA 2018-2019 Trust Lands Board Specialist is open. 
Anyone interested in this position can contact Jeana Stockdale, Utah PTA President at


The Trust Lands Board Specialist works under the direction of the Advocacy Vice President but also advises and takes counsel from the Utah PTA Board of Directors as needed. The Trust Lands Board Specialist shall become familiar and comply with the Utah PTA bylaws and standing rules, particularly the Board and Board Specialists Responsibilities in the Utah PTA Board of Directors Handbook.

Specific duties and responsibilities of the Utah PTA Trust Lands Board Specialist:

  • Be a PTA member 
  • Be approved by the Board and serve for one (1) year under the Utah PTA Director of Advocacy
  • Organize and chair a Trust Lands Committee as appropriate
  • Present recommendations for Trust Lands Committee members to the Board for approval 
  • Plan and conduct committee meetings
  • Coordinate efforts with Commissioners
  • Develop and update, with the Trust Lands Committee, trust lands resources for the Leadership Committee
  • Represent the Utah PTA on school trust lands issues in consultation with the President, Director of Advocacy, and Education Commissioner
  • Work with the Education Commissioner, the Community Involvement Commissioner, and the USBE to coordinate community council training for parents, districts, administrators, and community councils
  • Work to increase community knowledge and awareness about trust lands and their importance to the education community
  • Serve as a member of the Trust Advisory Committee (TAC) on long-range strategies  
  • Attend monthly School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) Board meetings
  • Attend the School and Institutional Trust Fund Board of Trustees meetings
  • Attend the annual Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools (CLASS) conference
  • Participate on committees and task forces with government, community, and USBE agencies and departments
  • Collect the volunteer hours of appointees and consultants serving on the Trust Lands Committee and report them to the Community Involvement Commissioner at each Board meeting
  • Implement programs and projects and be knowledgeable about and responsible for the areas of trust lands concerns