PR Is Exploding Into the Future

PUBLIC RELATIONS is Exploding into the Future

Every PTA unit on every level needs a Public Relations Vice president who works intimately with the President and the executive board.  As technology and communications have changed, it is crucial that we use all the available sources at our fingertips to reach out and touch every family that we can with the PTA mission.  Our mission is a strong foundation on which we can help and sustain families and strengthen the future of Education for every child. Public Relations should:

1.       Let parents know how vital PTA is at their school in giving them a voice and a roll in the education of their child

2.       Create a spirit of Parent Involvement at your school

3.       Showcase your school

4.       Get parents excited and involved in school events

5.       Reach out to the community and better involve the community at your school

6.       Invite the media to promote your school

7.       Use all social media sources to communicate

8.       Be a link with your school as an information highway into the home.

9.       Create an atmosphere where every parent feels welcome and a part of the school community