Recruit volunteers now--don't wait until the fall. Try this effective sign-up banner


Using the list of committees and how many volunteers you need for each one (see “Important Pre-Planning Steps to Take”) choose one or more recruitment methods.  If your school is new or a secondary school, make sure to include parents feeding in to the school by working with the PTA Presidents at all of the feeder schools. Here is a very effective recruitment method:



Attached you will find the PTA sign up banner along with an instruction sheet.  

The PDF of the banner itself has two fillable fields.  You can enter your school  PTA name, "Anywhere School PTA".  The second field will include the activities and programs your school sponsors.  Include as many as you can in the space provided.  The font and print size cannot be changed but we hope it is a large enough field to include much of what your PTA does. The sides indicate services that come from National and State PTA, and those are not editable, but are a good visual to remind people of what the dues are used for.  

The second attachment includes your instructions on filling the fields, downloading to a thumb drive, and  the code needed by Staples to give you the price of $8.50 for the printing of the banner.

The third attachment has some helpful information about how to staff your board and use your voluteers. 

Utah PTA would like to thank you for all you do and hope you have a "BANNER" year in your PTA.