SAGE Testing Presentation Given at the 2014 Advocacy Conference

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Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE)

The first session of the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference was a wonderful presentation by Dr. Judy Park, the Utah State Office of Education Associate Superintendent/Student Services and Federal Programs, regarding SAGE.  We hope for all who attended the opening session that the information given was informative and helpful.  As you have discussions with parents please share the information you received, it will help all parents better see the areas of success for their child and help them know what will assist their child in the learning process.

As requested at the conference, Dr. Judy Park has shared her powerpoint with Utah PTA and it is attached below.

To assist those who were not able to attend advocacy conference here is a little information regarding SAGE:

SAGE is Utah's computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state's core standards.  This comprehensive testing system inclues:

SAGE SummativeSummative adaptive assessments required for state and federal accountability provided for English laguage arts (ELA), math and science

SAGE Formative: Optional learning resources, test items, and learning activities available to teachers, parents and students, linked to students' summative test results.

Along with the powerpoint we have also included a few documents from the USOE website regarding SAGE.  If you are interested in seeing more information, click here to go to the Utah State Office of Education information on SAGE.

Click here for a link to hear what teachers are saying about SAGE.

If you have any questions regarding SAGE please post your questions on the Utah PTA facebook page and we will get you the answer to your question as soon a possible.