Secondary Programs -- Post-High School and Vocational Information

In Secondary Schools, we include the students in our PTA organizations, making them PTSA!
Together we can help them prepare for life after high school. Some of the resources that may be helpful to you in planning programs or activities -- or just having available information -- are below. Just click on the words that are highlighted in blue.

Find out what you can do to help your child prepare for life after graduation. Check out the new website at Step Up Utah! This site has information for parents and students, K-12, on how to prepare for college or other post-high school certificates. It's never too early to start thinking about it. Parent of elementary school students will find information and a kids fun page.
PTA leaders, talk to your school counselors or administrators to help plan events around college and career readiness. Step Up Utah has resources for you.

Utah Futures helps students prepare for their future careers with individualized plans. Check it out with your student!!

March 2 Success is a free tool to help middle and high school students prepare for success in college. 

Utah Women and Education is focused on encouraging women to be prepared for, start, and finish a college degree.