Things to Remember

  • Attend monthly PTA Board meetings. The times may vary, but usually your principal will have an aid assist your class while you attend these meetings.
  • During these meetings let PTA know of any concerns your teachers have regarding procedures or programs that the PTA are sponsoring.
  • Give advice to the PTA about issues or ideas that PTA may want to work on in the school.
  • Encourage your faculty to join the PTA where they teach and where their own children attend.
  • Keep the faculty informed about any legislative issues that affect education and PTA during the legislative session. Also, let your faculty know about PTA's resolutions and bills that they are sponsoring!
  • Encourage a partnership between the teachers and the parents by supporting PTA's activities after school hours and in the community.
  • Be a strong advocate of PTA and encourage faculty members to be positive with parents that participate in school activities and complimentary of all the service they give!