"Time In - Time Out"

This feature focuses on quick, classroom games and/or energizers.  You can even try these at home with any age group.

 “Sevens” (Play in a circle)

The object of the game is to “count” is high as you can by keeping a four-count rhythm:  Hands on legs, clap, click fingers, clap.  When you count, say the number when you click your fingers.  But…you can’t say numbers with 7’s or numbers that are multiples of 7.  Instead of saying these numbers, just click your fingers and be quiet.  Then the direction changes.  The direction will always change after a number with 7 in it or a multiple is not sounded.  It gets crazy as you go back and forth.  A student is OUT when they say a number with 7 or a multiple of 7 or they don’t realize the direction changed, or when they don’t say their number on the “clicks.” 

Variation #1:  Play with only two people and go as fast as you can! 

Variation #2:  Start in the middle of the circle and let the student begin with whatever number they want and determine the beginning direction.