Uplift Utah Website

Another important component of "Uplift Utah Families" is the upcoming website. We will have a link from the Utah PTA Website for easy access for our parents. This will be a meaningful and functional resource for parents and families. The website will offer links to select programs, organizations, and agencies that provide important information that can help enhance parenting skills. Also featured on the website will be a calendar of events, messages from the First Lady and other articles and material that strengthen families. Eventually, the First Lady would like to establish an area on the site where parents can write in and ask questions or present problems they are experiencing. "Uplift Utah Families" already has the support of the Utah Prevention Network (UPN) in helping to facilitate, filter and answer these questions. The UPN is comprised of mental health agency representatives from Utah’s 13 Local Authority Districts, under the direction of the Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. All questions and concerns will be reviewed by a panel of experts from UPN, who will provide direction, resources and appropriate answers. A representative from the Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health will chair the committee or expert panel. Select questions and responses may appear on a message board posted on the website for learning purposes.