Wonderful Webs

Tracy Aviary has a Live Bird Outreach Program.  Programs vary and include all grades.  They even provide a “Birds in Art” program for painters, photographers, sculptors or sketch artists.  Contact Tracy Aviary’s Bird Programs Department at 801-596-8500 Ext. 118 or birdprogram@tracyaviary.org.

On the UEN website you will find information about a financial literacy program called “Jump Start.”  This website provides curriculum, games and workshops for teachers and students.  In this economy, it’s very important to understand personal finances and this program is a necessary and successful one for jr. high and senior high school students.

Two websites that include fun and informational activities is www.teachertidbytes.com and www.kidinfo.com.  On this website you will find computer activities for your students in every subject.  Also the list is broad and includes current events trivia, gifted education, and life skills, to name a few.  Please check them out and enjoy!!