Calendering--Plan out your year

Plan the calendar for the year, with the help of your Executive Committee, and the PTA Committee Planning sheets if you held a Spring PTA Planning meeting (see information further down on this page).

Besides a list of the events and projects your PTA has decided to sponsor, be sure to have the school calendar, and other calendars of secondary and high schools, holidays and other community or civic events to avoid scheduling conflicts. 

Make sure to plan at least 3 general PTA meetings as required by the bylaws.  You will need one in Sept. or early Oct. so you can have a vote on your budget.  One is usually held in November to elect the Nominating Committee, and third in March to elect the board for next year.  These work best when they are scheduled in conjunction with an event that parents will be attending anyway. 

Keep in mind when scheduling PTA meetings work schedules and other factors that limit the ability of many to attend.