PTA Day at the Capitol

PTA Day at the Capitol on February 22, 2017 will include discussion on bills that affect children in home, family, and community.  To see the bills that Utah PTA is followinng please click here

As you review the bills on the bill sheet you will find links to the resolution that was approved previously by our membership.

We hope if it is possible for you to come early to register and take the time to go to the capitol for a tour and/or to attend a committee meeting.  

The Utah PTA Legislative Priorities are the issues that Utah PTA feels are our highest legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  They are approved at the September Board of Directors meeting and presented to the membership at the Annual Legislative Advocacy Conference in October.

The Utah PTA 2015-2016 Legislative Priorities

  1. Prop B (passed)
  2. Recruiting and retaining educated and highly effective educators
  3. State School Board non-partisan elections
  4. Transparency and accountability in public education funding
  5. Prioritizes a WPU increase after meeting ongoing obligations and commitments
  6. Drop Out Recovery

There will also be a Student Track.  Bring students from the secondary schools and give them the opportunity to learn the legislative process and experience legisltive issue in discussion with students from other schools.