Ideas to Recognize Military Families


  1. Wear a camouflage ribbon or article of clothing on Assembly Day, Veteran’s Day or any patriotic day
  2. Have students create artwork that promotes patriotism and display it in the classroom and/or school. This could be done anytime during the school year but throughout November, Military Family Month or April, the month of the Military Child, it would be especially meaningful.
  3. Encourage the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.
  4. Present a patriotic play or story in the classroom, prior to Armed Forces Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day or Memorial Day.
  5. Invite a student’s military family member to the class to explain what their military service meant/means to them.
  6. Recommend Military Family members wear their service uniform to a program, assembly or to the child’s classroom. Have the military child introduce them.
  7. Have students write a paper on “Serving our Nation” by interviewing a former or current member of the military.
  8. Sing a patriotic song at the beginning of class.
  9. Have students write a paragraph, poem or short story about, “Why I am Grateful to Those in Military Service”.
  10. Have the students write a letter, as a class or individually, to a soldier. (Mailing addresses can be provided)
  11. Memorize a patriotic poem as a class.
  12. Have the students wear red, white and blue to school and have each child describe what each color means to them. Then discuss the meaning of the colors.
  13. Tell the story of Betsy Ross and the making of our flag.
  14. Learn a dance or a game that was played in the colonies and perform it as a class for the school.
  15. Have books on early patriots and/or American heroes available. Have the children do book reports on the men and women who made our nation great.
  16. Learn a dance or a game that was played in the colonies and perform it as a class for the school.