The Importance of Nominating Committees

Filling the slots on the board can be very challenging.   Electing Nominating Committees is very crucial.  They should be elected in a PTA Board meeting held before Dec. 31st, but can be appointed if needed after that.

1. Staff your nominating committee with representatives from the different neighborhoods and cultures of your school.

2. Ask teachers and administrators for names of parents who like to be involved.

3. Ask people--they usually won't speak up and volunteer even if they want to do it.

4. Try to have your board membership be reflective of the ethnic make-up of your school and avoid having cliques.

5. Although the Nominating Committee is only responsible for recruiting the elected members of the board, they are in a position to help fill other positions on the board. If someone refuses that position, they should be offered another position, maybe as a committee chairman or committee member.  Often the board gets filled before a President is found. Finding a President when the board is full is much easier.