Local Leaders Information - Reflections Chairs Only

  1. Register Your PTA
  • Visit PTA.org/Reflections, click “Register My PTA” and enter your PTA’s 8-digit ID number.
  • Enter your PTA Name, City, State, ZIP.
  • Enter the  PTA Leader Name, Title, Address, City, State, ZIP.  **This should be the Reflection Specialist Info**
  • Enter your School Name, Number of Students Enrolled, Title I Status (Y/N), Percent of students who receive free/reduced priced lunches.
  • Enter additional contacts who wish to receive program communications from State and National PTA. 

Click “Submit” and receive a confirmation email



­­­­­­­­­­­Using the Student Entry Portal

  1. Create an Account.
  • Visit PTA.org/Reflections and click the “Student Entry Portal” button.
  • Click “sign up” and enter your full name, email and create a password.
  • Click “register” and receive a confirmation email.
  • Click the unique link in your confirmation email to activate your account.


  1. Submit Advancing Student Entries.
  • From your account’s home page, click “create a submission” for each student entry advancing to the next round.
  • Click “Entry Form” and enter the student entry form.
  • Click “Upload Artwork” to upload a digital copy of the entrant’s work.
  • Click “submit entry” to finish. Double check your work as submission cannot be edited. To report errors/edits, please email reflections@utahpta.org


  1. Confirm Student Submission Status.
  • Click “home” to view a list of created submissions. Confirmed submissions will show a status of “Submitted.”
  • Check your email for a copy of your submitted entry form.