Due Dates

The only due date that State sets is the one for Region to turn their stuff in to State - Thurday, January 29th.  Working together, Regions, Councils and School PTAs will set their own dates according to what works best for you.  Please consider that it can take at least a couple of weeks to collect, catalog and judge artwork and give yourselves enough time to do so.


Recommended due dates are:

Schools - October

Councils - November

Regions - December

The Theme for the 2014-15 School Year is:

The World Would Be A Better Place If ...


Entry Forms

The Student Entry Form and Consent Form are also included in Appendix C - Rules, General Participation - 2014-15.

2013-2014 National Reflections Awards Winners

Believe, Dream, Inspire

National Reflections Winners


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our National PTA Reflections awards winners!


Outstanding Interpretation for

Film Production

Eric Gillespie - Valley View Elementary, Region 3



Award of Excellence

Film Production - Olivia Kelley - Eagle Crest Elementary, Region 9

Literature - Brielle Reichert - Everygreen Junior, Region 5

Literature - Yuna Shprecher - Oakridge Elementary, Region 5

Photography - Elise Fischbeck - Cyprus High, Region 5

Photography - Lauren Taylor - Kaysville Junior, Region 3



Award of Merit

Dance Choreography - Nick Fife - Hillcrest High, Region 17

Film Production - Riley Shelton - Parkside Elementary, Region 19

Music Composition - Dalyn Erickson - North Ogden Elem., Region 2

Music Composition - Brooklynn Zaugg, Legacy Junior, Region 3

Photography - Ethan Christensen - Cherry Hill Elementary, Region 9



Download the Excel files below to view ALL winners from 2013-2014