The Theme for the 2014-15 School Year is:

The World Would Be A Better Place If ...


Due Dates

The only due date that State sets is the one for Region to turn their entries in to State - Thurday, January 29th.  Working together, Regions, Councils and School PTAs will set their own dates according to what works best for you.  Please consider that it can take a couple of weeks to collect, catalog and judge artwork and give yourselves enough time to do so.


Recommended due dates are:

Schools - Sometime in October

Councils - Sometime in November

Regions - Sometime in December

Student Entry, Consent & Arts Category Forms


Each student/parent must fill out and sign a Student Entry Form and an Arts Category Form (ie: Music Composition) that has the Artist Statement and required information.

Additional Form:

A Consent Form is needed if the student creating the art asks other students to be a part of their entry (ie: Film Production, Dance Choreography).  Please see Consent Form Guidelines on page 2 of the Consent Form for more information.