National PTA Reflections welcomes, free of charge, students from all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts.

The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program—support student success and serve as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community. Celebrate arts learning in your school community with Reflections.

Reflections Artwork at The Leonardo


The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City invited Utah PTA to display the Reflections artwork that was received at Utah PTA for judging, approximately 800 pieces of work.


SPARK! is the title of the display that The Leonardo will be hosting this summer featuring the Reflections entries from Utah, those that advanced to the state level.   ALL.  Yes!   All of them, every single one of the entries that received an Award of Excellence at the Region and moved forward to the state level for judging has been taken to The Leonardo for display. 

In addition to the Reflections artwork there will interactive areas where kids (young and old) can create their own art, guest artists, and a special piece is being made just for this display.

The display is now open and will run through the end of August.

Please visit www.The for information on days and times.



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3D Art - The Leonard staff selected a few of the 3D art to be displayed at the museum.  The rest are being displayed via a monitor with pictures that were submitted with the artwork.

Film, Dance and Video - Is played on screens set in various places in the display area.

Visual Arts and Photography - Are displayed on the orange walls by age group.

Literature - Is being displayed in books that can be looked through.

The Leonardo Updates

Monday, April 13

The exhibit at The Leonardo is now open and on it's way!  The Gala opening on Saturday, April 11th, hosted by The Leonardo, was an overall success.  Despite a few glitches, our students artwork was beautifully displayed, the live performances were outstanding, and the interactive areas were varied and entertaining!  Utah PTA is honored to have been selected as the first group from Utah to have our students artwork as the main exhibit at this wonderful museum.

So, the glitches.  The museum staff have expressed their deep regret over the Photography artwork that was accidentally stored instead of displayed and will be working this week to get all of the art out and on the walls.  I, too, regret not seeing that it wasn't up.  I was at the museum on Friday and I'm not sure how I could have not noticed that there were so few photograph entries on the walls.  Once it was brought to our attention the artwork was found and displayed on a table.  

As for the film, dance and music, I was told that there was so much that they were not able to get it all up and running in the short time they had the files available.  Also, we learned from families that the time it took to watch through a loop was quite long and not the best way to display this art.  It is my understanding that museum staff are going to change this and make a list that people can select from so they can view videos of their choice instead of looping through all of them and waiting to see the one they want.  

Obviously we had some very disappointed young artists on Saturday as they had anticipated seeing their work and were not able to. I know that there were tears and much frustration and I am so very, very sorry for that.  Please understand it was not done intentionally.  The museum staff will be working this week to get all of the misplaced artwork hung and all of the digital files into another format.  Once this is completed, I will let families know and those who did not have their art up on the 11th will be invited back for another (free of charge to their families and guests) 'opening' day.  I will send out information via email as this gets closer to being presented.

It is my hope that, despite the glitches, you will attend the museum again and see the improvements, additional art and new interactive stations as the exhibit runs through the end of August.


Wednesday, April 1

I've received an informational email from The Leonardo about the opening of the display and the gala they will be hosting that day.  It will be sent out to families via email and (if I can figure it out...) I will post it on the home page:

Friday, March 27

It seems that in my attempt to inform families of upcoming Reflections events I have, inadvertantly, confused some of you.  I'm truly sorry, that was absolutely not my intention!  I'm going to put a general explanation (below) of the Reflections program which, I hope, will answer most of your questions. For information about upcoming events, please see the sections that follow.

List of students who have Reflections artwork at the state level

There has been some confusion about which students have actually advanced to the state level for judging and will have their artwork displayed at The Leonardo.  I have compiled a list of all of the artwork that I received here at the office for judging and I am posting it at the bottom of this section.  The list is quite long but should be easily navigated if you look for arts category first then age division, then Region. (Utah PTA is divided into regions, some of which have several school districts in them. Please see list below for your region #.)

3D - 3 Dimensional Artwork
Lit - Literature
Photo - Photography
VA - Visual Art

H - High School (Grades 9-12)
M - Middle School (Grades 6-8)
I - Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
P - Primary (Grades PreK-2)
SA - Special Artists

Some of the students have an H, M or HM next to their names highlighted in yellow.  These are the students who received an award at state.  E = Award of Excellence, M = Award of Merit, HM = Honorable Mention 

Region    District

    1         Box Elder
    2         Morgan, Ogden, Weber
    3         Davis
    4         Salt Lake
    5         Granite
    6         Jordan
    7         Tooele
    8         North Summit, Park City, South Summit, Wasatch
    9         Alpine
   10        Nebo, Provo, Tintic, Juab
   11        Daggett, Duchesne, Uintah
   12        Carbon, Emery
   13        North Sanpete, South Sanpete
   15        Millard, Sevier
   16        Piute, Wayne, Beaver, Iron, Garfield
   17        Canyons
   18        Grand, San Juan
   19        Murray
   20        Kane, Washington
   21        Logan, Rich, Cache

In addition to the entries that were judged at state, there were approximately 200 additional pieces delivered to the museum for possible display.  I do not know, at this time, if any of it is actually being used or if it will be returned.  Below is a list of the students whose artwork is in this 'maybe' category.  I will update information on this as I receive it from The Leonardo staff.

Utah State Reflections Winners 2014-15

 Reflections 2014-2015

"The World Would Be A Better Place If ..."

For all State winners please download the spreadsheet at the bottom of this section

Award of Excellence: These entries - except for the 3D category - have been sent to National PTA for further judging.
The 3D category is a Utah-only category and are only recognized up to the state level.


Award of Merit and Honorable Mention: Will be recognized at the State Awards Ceremonies.

Utah PTA Reflections Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremonies
for Utah Reflections will be held on 

Saturday, May 2nd at The Leonardo
for all students who received an Award of Excellence, Award of Merit or Honorable Mention.

This will be by invitation only for students who received an award at state.  These students will receive a letter in that mail that will have specifics on times, parking, etc.  The times of the ceremonies are still TBD but plan on them being in the morning/early afternoon.

If you are unsure if your student received an award at state, you can download the list from the section above "List of students who have Reflections artwork at the state level."  The winning entries are noted with an E, M or HM and are highlighted in yellow.

Reflections General Information

Reflections is a National PTA arts program that was started in 1969 by the (then) Colorado State PTA President, Mary Lou Anderson.  It has since become an international program as PTAs in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and US military schools overseas have begun to participate in this program.

Each year a theme contest is held where students can submit ideas for upcoming years.  Entries are narrowed down to 5 per state and then the National PTA Reflections Committee makes a final selection.

Reflections uses a judging process that assists in narrowing down the number of entries as artwork passes through different levels of PTA.  In Utah we generally have between 10,000 and 13,000 entries submitted by our students each year. Nationally, around 300,000 entries are submitted by students each year.  

PTA parents volunteer their time and work with Utah PTA to learn about the Reflections program and then host it in their school by informing students of the theme, distributing rules and entry forms, collecting and judging artwork and recognizing students for their efforts. This can be a time consuming job and our PTA parents and leaders have been as outstanding this year as in the past years, and have done their very best to serve our students who want to participate in the arts.

There are 2 awards given by PTA - the Award of Excellence and the Award of Merit. The Award of Excellence award is given to the entries that are judged to be the best in their category.  These entries then move on to the next level of judging.  The Award of Merit recipients are the runners up and are recognized at the school (council and region) level. If a school (council and region) desires, they can also offer additional awards such as Honorable Mention or Participation awards.  National and Utah PTA encourages schools to hold an assembly or event of some sort that recognizes not only the students who receive awards but all students that participate.  If this is done and how it is handled is up to the school/council/regin.

How artwork advances in Utah.  In Utah, our state is broken into 21 Regions.  11 of those regions are large enough that they are then broken into Councils (we have 56 total.)  The council and region leaders work with Utah PTA to train and oversee the PTA programs held in the schools.  When the Award of Excellence winners advance from their school they move to Council or Region, depending on your area.  Students artwork must receive an Award of Excellence to advance through these levels and then to Utah PTA. If they receive an Award of Excellence at the state level, they are then advanced to National PTA for another and final round of judging. Each level in the PTA is allowed to forward on up to 35 entries - 5 for each of the 7 arts categories.

On March 2nd Utah sent 28 entries to National PTA for judging.**  At this point in the program Utah PTA returns the artwork that did not receive an award to the students at their schools through the Regions and Councils.  Winning entries are kept at the state office for display at other state events and trainings.  (Because of the display at The Leonardo this year, artwork will not be returned until September.)

** The 3 Dimensional Artwork category is a Utah only category.  Winning entries do not advance above the state level.  They are recognized at the state's Awards Ceremony.

Reflections Theme for 2015-16 is:

Let Your Imagination Fly


Plan now to attend the Utah PTA Leadership Convention on May 14 & 15, 2015 to learn about Reflections and the changes/updates that are being made.  Reflections classes will be held the 1st, 3rd and 5th hours. 

Student Entry, Consent & Arts Category Forms

Rules pages and Entry forms for the 2015-16 school year will be available in May 2015.  Please check back then for updated information and forms.