Things to consider when planning your budget

.       Plan the budget with the treasurer using the information from the PTA Committee Planning Worksheets.  Make sure to set aside adequate funds for Leadership Development, so your leaders can attend the three state PTA Conferences each year.  

              1. Utah PTA Advocacy Conference--usually held in October. Topics of current interest are presented. The President, President-elect, Legislative Vice-President and commissioners should attend. 

            2.  Utah PTA Day at the Capitol--usually held in February at the State Capitol, during the Legislative Session.  Learn how to advocate for children, be educated on bills being considered that affect children and how you can make a difference on the outcome.  President, President-elect, Legislative Vice-President and  commissioners should attend. 

            3.  Utah PTA Leadership Convention--usually held the 2nd Thur. and Fri. of May.  This is the most important event to attend. Specific training workshops cover almost every PTA position at the local level.  Your PTA will benefit considerably from the training, information, ideas, and resources that your leaders receive.